March 30, 2016

Blog | When Vague Becomes Clear

When it’s comes to sharing an idea – we search for words and pictures to bring that idea to life – to give it shape and form.

We see things that other people don’t – we have an understanding that is unique. But we have an idea! And it needs to be shared!

Finding the right words and pictures is essential. How will people see if we can’t show them? How will someone understand if it has no meaning – or worse – what if they completely misunderstand the whole thing?

And so we consider – we consider everything – or at least as much as we can.

– The Idea
– The Meaning
– The Words
– The Pictures
– The Message
– The Presentation
– Us
– Them
– As much as we can

We are often taking something that is vague (even to ourselves) and making it clear (even to ourselves), so that people will see and people will understand.

The challenge in this is that we don’t get too clear – in considering every aspect, there is a tendency to narrow the picture and constrict the idea too much. We need the allow the vagueness in order to create space for people to think, and wonder and create a little bit for themselves.

That’s the why the car advert sell the idea and possibility instead of just the idea – we are left to project some of our own words and pictures onto the idea – to shape it for ourselves.

When you have an idea – share it – but refuse to tie it up in a neatly packaged box and someone else is unable to open.

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