February 22, 2016

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When it comes to creating – I have an idea. It’s an idea of things in the right place (establishing which particular place is the right place, is the role of the creative).

I enjoy creating because certain things make sense to me. It’s hard to pinpoint, but it has a lot to do with how my mind decides to function and the understanding I’ve developed over time. And so it flows.

Once you have established an concept, a thought, a theme – a picture of what could be – you begin to arrange. For me this is somewhat of an instinctive process and a methodical process, a trial and error – you try something and then see how it fits – but it has to fit – it has to make sense – things have to be in the right place, and so you arrange and rearrange. The enemy of this idea is often preference. We all have preferences – I like blue and you prefer green. But sometimes preference can muddy the water and get in the way of creating something that works. It’s not that preference is wrong or bad – it’s simply that it’s preference – and so we acknowledge it and allow space for it – but preference doesn’t get to drive.

And it’s easy to spot – when you ask the question – why?
Why that particular typeface? Why that colour or shape?

If your answer is – I’m not sure, I just like it – it’s preference. We acknowledge it and allow space for it – but it doesn’t get to drive.

When I create – why? –  is question I am constantly asking. It’s helpful, it’s important, it keeps things in the right place.

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