January 22, 2016

Blog | Trusting the process.

I believe there are particular ways in which the world works – ways that make sense and ways that flow! When it comes to the creative process this is important.

Many hours and hot drinks are spent getting fluid thoughts from your head onto your page. It often takes many conversations, oftentimes with yourself, asking the right questions about why and what you are actually doing. There are moments that this comes very easily – you turn the tap and out it flows – and then there are days that are better spent on the golf course, reviving your ability to think for yourself.

This process is at times your best friend and at others – your worst enemy. But this process is all you have. If you want to finish, if you want to sign off you must trust this process. Trust it with your ideas and your hands and your tireless efforts to create something that makes sense – something that works – something that looks good (whatever good might look like).

And you never really own this process, you’re never fully in the driving seat – but you trust it anyways – because you know that it will lead you to whatever it is you’re trying to find.

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